COMET | *Made To Order*

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*All boards are hand-crafted, made to order and shipped out of California, USA. To order, please email us at 

This is the Gem of the line… I wanted a custom old school fish design so we present The COMET!

I couldn’t take my eyes off it when I first picked it up.

I personally ride this board every chance I can when I’m not riding a 9/2 longboard.

A throw back fish with old school glassed in wood keel fins, the craftsmanship is next level glass and polish that’s why it’s front and center on our page with me holding it!

The design is hand drawn by me and the Pantone colors hand picked by me as this Pantone blue and green together are a deadly combo and my fav in the line.

This board shreds so hard , there’s nothing like riding an old school fish for me! Let’s face it as well ….it looks sicK!


This price is the base price:

Additional options for an additional cost are:

Different Colors

Different Rails (from beginner to advanced)

Glassed in Wood Fins

Colored Leash Plugs

Heavy Glass or Lighter Glass