In 2014, Dez Fafara peeled off his wetsuit and sat down next to his wife Anahstasia to watch the sun disappear into the Pacific. Fresh off yet another grueling tour with his band DevilDriver, he had gone to the beach to wash the road off with a surf session. With Slayer blasting from his car speakers, he stared at the Southern Californian waves he had been surfing his entire life. As the sun sank into the sea, Anahstasia remarked how much it looked like a logo. Dez turned to his wife and told her he had an idea for a new family business...

Thus, Suncult was born on a beach, to the sound of crashing waves and crushing riffs.

At the same time, across the country on a North Carolina sea island, Randy Blythe was on a touring break from his band, lamb of god. A lifelong skateboarder, Blythe had just begun surfing. Within two years, he would ride waves in Asia, South America, Australia, and both coasts of the United States. Surfing had become an obsession, matched only by his passion for underground music.

Fafara and Blythe had already been friends for over a decade, putting literally thousands of miles of road beneath their boots as their bands toured the world together. From playing tiny dingy clubs packed with a few hundred people, to massive festival crowds of over one hundred thousand, they burned whatever stage they were on to the ground. Once Dez found out Randy had started surfing, it was only a matter of time before they would ride waves together— a few years later, a friendship born of music was sealed in saltwater. After several epic sessions, in 2018 the Fafaras invited Blythe to become a partner in their growing family business, and the cult expanded...

WE ARE SUNCULT. This is not just our brand, it is our life— and we live it exactly as we please. We surf, riding boards that we design. We tour, playing aggressive heavy music that we write. We are the freaks in beat-up trucks cranking death metal on the way to the surf spot. We are the sunburnt kid in combat boots wreaking havoc in the pit at a basement punk rock show. We are the swift blur beneath the streetlight outside your house, grinding away at the city’s bones and leaving only streaks of metal as evidence of our passing. Scarred and tattooed mutants of the deep and streets; dark hybrids born of ocean, concrete and underground music. We do not care in the slightest what the mainstream thinks of us, and we never will- we’ve successfully lived outside of it our entire lives. We are loud, unapologetic, and utterly free. WE ARE SUNCULT.

And, yes— we are coming for your children.