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*All boards are hand-crafted, made to order and shipped out of California, USA. To order, please email us at

The Hotel California is named as such because every night about two hours before stage I play Hotel California by the eagles in the back of the tour bus before we all start the night to remind us of home (CALIFORNIA).

This board is another snub nose & comes in a variation of sizes & colors but black and orange were my first choice for the Hot coat.Add glass and polish and you’ll get looks like I did as everyone around you asks you where you got that board!

Thinner than most logs ,designed to be lighter than most sidewalks you’ve ever rode ,faster and more agile on the wave for sure.

There’s nothing like passing someone so fast they have to ask you what your riding!

It turns on a dime and if you want walk forward feel free to do so as it’s another very stable ride with just enough rocker to feel loose but tight at the same time.

This is my daily go to board and my absolute favorite shape, we nailed it with this one you’ll never ride another long board again after riding this one!


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Additional options for an additional cost are:

Different Colors

Different Rails (from beginner to advanced)

Glassed in Wood Fins

Colored Leash Plugs

Heavy Glass or Lighter Glass