SUN CHASER | *Made to Order*

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*All boards are hand-crafted, made to order and shipped out of California, USA. To order, please email us at

This board is aptly named as you paddle right by the competition, they will fear the speed of this stick.

It's shaped to be fast and stable and ride smooth.

You can hang back or walk forward as it holds the wave like no other ! This is shaped off a go-to board I had in 88 a snub nose herbie that was based off a completion longboard a good friend and Tiki carver rode in San Clemente California.

It’s Thinner, lighter than most logs you’ll see and I managed to come strikingly close to that actual design while adding the other badass elements I wanted in a board like SPEED and a looser rocker!


This price is the base price:

Additional options for an additional cost are:

Different Colors

Different Rails (from beginner to advanced)

Glassed in Wood Fins

Colored Leash Plugs

Heavy Glass or Lighter Glass